I outfoxed a toddler. Yay for me!

I have to make this quick because I need to keep an eye on my adversary, a two-year-old with a mind like a sniper. She's up to her old tricks again. You know, the ones where she slaps her sister? Now she's added claws to the mix and poor little Stella's eyeballs are not safe without my supervision and amazing wits.

I've tried it all at this point: time out, a tap on the rear, negotiations, solitary confinement, bribery, the yanking of her Play Doh privileges. Etcetera. No matter what, she'll play nice for a while and gain my trust, then in one fell swoop she'll turn her demon eye on and go in for the kill. No seriously, I saw her try to put a pillow over the new baby's face yesterday. 
I finally found something cruel and unusual that actually worked to curb this madness. I played her jealously game against her! When she took a swipe at her sis, I put her in close-proximity time out then had BIG FUN TIMES showering the baby with attention right in front of her. The equation is thus: bad behavior = less attention for her, more attention for Stella. Do you know this actually worked? Pay dirt! She's been back to her sweet self for nearly 24 hours.
Off to develop more mind games to keep my toddler in line. She could be bluffing, so I better go stand guard . . .
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  • I don't want to hear this! I am due with #4 in 1 week and 1 day and the next oldest is 2 1/2 (like B)...she is so sweet right now but what will happen when her little brother is around all the time? Oh boy....keep writing about your ways to outfox these 2 year old tirants :).

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    You sound like an expert. I'll bet you'll be 4 steps ahead of any dirty tricks.

  • In reply to 4everamom:

    This "reverse-jealousy" technique also works well on girlfriends cat fighting over gwill.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Pimpin ain't easy.

  • Yup, that's exactly what is said in "1-2-3 Magic," a book I used to raise my little devils, I mean kids. Show the victim with affection and ignore the bully. Only you were smart enough to figure that out on your own. Keep on keeping on. :)

  • In reply to jtithof:

    Rad! I wasn't sure if someone was going to call the feds on me for such a mean trick. Thanks!

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