$72 Soup - UPDATED!

Can I tell you the tale of my $72 soup? I bought a huge container of organic dried beans on a whim awhile back. Nay for those purdy waffles the other day, I've been on a cooking strike lately and to justify my existence this morning I figured I'd whip up some soup. Enter, the beans. And the simple-enough recipe on the back of the container. 

I just needed to run and pick up some veggie broth, a few seasonings and vegetables. Great! We're on our way to soup town.

So I ran to Jewel, got all the ingredients for this recipe, a few impulse purchases . . . and one or two things we've been "needing" anyway and checked out paying $72.

The trip to the grocery store itself involved coats/hats/boots/blankets for two girls, a 6-block round-trip walk, another stranger putting her fingers on my newborn's face (KILL), pushing 80 pounds of kids/stroller/bag/ groceries and two hours of my time - not to mention the cooking of the soup itself, which was a disaster.
My toddler came up with creative ways to help. Then she threw the red peppers on the floor and demanded Play Doh while the baby screamed every time I put her down. I was waiting for a piano to fall from the sky or maybe I'd slip on a banana peel. I ended up being distracted and forgot to saute four raw onions before dumping them in the pot. Hi! Welcome to bad breath!
You know, if I wanted a bowl of soup, I could have just called the place down the street who makes GREAT lentil soup and charges $2.99 a bowl. Moral: Don't kill yourself over dinner. For $6.99 chili powder that will sit in my pantry for a year, I may as well eat at the hands of professionals. Screw being a good wife. I live in the city. I can be bad.
The cursed recipe is as follows in case you hate yourself.
Picture 334.png
bee today.png
Okay, it was kinda fun.
Dude, whatever slaving I did to get the soup was worth it. It's YUM. Am I bragging to make you jealous of my soup? No, it's seriously so tasty!
Picture 350.png
Stews you can use.

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  • How come your man didn't help you out with this?

  • In reply to gwill:

    ZiNG, I got Gwilled!

  • In reply to gwill:

    Ha ha! Been there. Typical day in the life of a mom with tiny munchkins. I applaud you for even attempting it. :)

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