This is the best due date I ever had!

Ever since that second pink line showed up last June, I've been thinking about February 17th. I was fully prepared to weigh ten tons today and still be pregnant for a week, but guess what? I have an 8 day old infant and I've lost 20 pounds. Boom. 

Sure, my nether regions are a CODE TEN MAN DOWN situation and I've still got a 3-inch green bruise from a nurse blowing a giant vein out in my arm, but at least I'm not pregnant any more. And I have the baby. And I'm getting my wine on tonight.
Yeah, I'm smug.
Picture 264.png
Stella is smug too.

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  • Sweet!

  • Yay to losing 20 lbs! And a bigger yay for wine. Enjoy!

  • Haha! Isn't it GREAT to be not pregnant on your due date? Although I almost missed out on that experience this time around, when I was holding a little two day old on my due date. YAY for 20 lbs (which is incredibly impressive since so much of that has just come off in the last few days - go you!) and double yay for vino!

  • Yay for huge weight loss and yay for wine!! Also yay for such an adorable little marshmallow puff! :) Kira had that same sleeper when she was an infant - I loved it.

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