This diaper bag is the boss!

Dude, I feel like I found a unicorn. Over two years of being a mother and do you know, I have never actually used a diaper bag? Well. I bought a few, like the Bugaboo messenger bag to match my single stroller (mistake - it's still in my closet with the tags in case I ever get around to reBaying it) and a few that made their way back to the store. Diaper bags are just . . . how to say this . . . bad. And so I went about ruining "real" bags with leaky bottles and half-chewed crackers. It got a little expensive. And gross.

But today, ladies, I FOUND IT! I found a diaper bag I actually love! It's by Mia Bossi, a company based right herrr in hometown Chicago, and it's called the Caryn bag in Tangerine. Swoon!  Here is the criteria I've been looking for in a bag, diaper or otherwise:

1. Not leather. The bag I have been using that I bought in Italy is luxe indeed, but it's freaking heavy. Leather weighs too much for all the crap I have to lug, so I'm looking for a canvas option. Mia Bossi? Done.

2. Big, but shorter and wide. I was never a big math whiz, but my small grasp of physics tells me that narrow, tall bags suck my keys to the bottom while stuffed animals drift to the top. I need a wide, shallow bag for easy fishin'. Mia Bossi? Boom.

3. Stroller friendly. I bought a stroller with a big ole storage compartment, but I'd rather use that space for groceries and just tack my bag to the handles. However most "stroller" diaper bags have annoying stroller straps that either come separately or don't flow with ease from stroller to shoulder. I need easy. Mia Bossi? Pow. (The same straps used on the shoulder unclip to hang from the stroller bars - simple, yet genius.)

4. Water resistant liner. Mia Bossi? CHECK. It has a zip-up removable liner, so you just yank out all your ickiness, wash, dry and replace. No more crumbs from 2008 surprising us in the crevices.

5. Looks fun, but not diaper-baggy. Now let's have a look:

With this bag, yeah, me bossy alright.

Picture 249.png

Stella's bossy too!

We're going to need this now that we're home.

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  • That bag is gorgeous! You could fit little Stella right in there! LOL

  • In reply to mpurkis:

    Yup - you think she'd get enough air in there? ;)

  • Love the bag... I know how you feel! I felt the same way when I discovered my Skip Hop Diaper Tote in Pewter Dot. It's sort of similar in style to the Mia Bossi, but a few hundred bucks cheaper, ha ha! Okay, so it's a lot different, but at least it's not one of those dorky diaper bags with teddy bears on them. I too refuse to use a bag that actually LOOKS like a diaper bag!

  • In reply to samanthaalmaguer:

    Exactly. Have you seen the new Petunia Pickle Bottom bags - the Sashay Satchels and Wistful Weekenders? They are cute, but the fabrics are *so* diaper baggy. Ugh. So it has nothing to do with what you spend. Those things are expensive and lame.

  • In reply to samanthaalmaguer:

    I love the bag, but am in major sticker shock. I'm the type of person who buys $30-$50 purses when they go on clearance for $15, though. Coach will never have me as a customer unless they want to practically give the bag to me, LOL.

    That said, I think we'll end up shelling out a little bit more for a Skip Hop next time around. We ended up getting cheap bags last time, and none of them lasted longer than a month or two. In trying to save money on that end, I think we ended up spending more. Lesson learned.

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