The tall kid on Fresh Beat Band is HOT!

What? I'm surviving on three broken hours of sleep a day and using Nick Jr. as a babysitter while I nurse, keep the living room from becoming a smoking crater and dissuade my toddler from poking holes in her sister's face. (That doctor kit Santa brought that includes a hammer? Not a brilliant idea in hindsight.) 

So my mind wanders. Today it's wandering over to Twist on the Fresh Beat Band. If you're not familiar, he's the tall drink of goofy who beat boxes with three other teenagers* every afternoon on channel 120. Sure, his cro-magnun brow bone could lift a truck but the eye candy on Nick Jr. is slim pickins. Twist wins the sessy award by default. 
The annoying award is a split between Shout who is gives me the sassy pants art snob vibe and Marina who does that duck thing with her lips. PLEASE STOP, MARINA. Oh, who am I kidding. Everyone on Nick Jr. is annoying, but there's only so many Play Doh pancakes I can build with one hand while holding a newborn.
Working moms: How does it feel to talk to tall people during the day? 
My TV boyfrinn
*These guys are 30 if they're a day.

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  • Ha ha! My friend once wrote a blog post about how she found Handy Manny's voice sexy. I shamefully agreed. (but trying hard not to picture the dude who's actual voice it is- much prefer Handy Manny even though he's a cartoon)We don't get Nick Jr so sadly I don't know the show you speak of. But I am about to go back to work so I'll be finding out what it's like to speak to the adult kind of person soon.

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