Chicago politics - 12 days left to get your hands DIRTY!

The cutoff for voter registration is January 25, so if you have moved or are new to ole SherrrKago and you want to participate in Chicago's February 22 election (you do, give me a minute) you'll have to either . . . 

1. Print and mail-in this form or
2. Walk yourself down to 69 W. Washington Street, 6th floor and show your I.D. or
3. Show up any place driver's licenses are issued or
4. Go through an active deputy registrar affiliated with a local organization, such as a political party, ward organization or other state-certified body
With that out of the way, let's talk about the election. Oh, wait. You thought I was going to give the scoop on Rahm Emanuel. Well I'm not. My goals are much smaller. I sit on a local board that is in support of putting a park on grounds that currently house an old abandoned (read: creepy, dangerous, disgusting) hospital. 
My title is Treasurer (fancy, no?) and the goal is to get at least 1300 votes in favor of the park on election day. For my 60660 and 60640 neighborhood homies, that means checking YES on the ballot on February 22 where it asks "Should there be a park on the grounds of Edgewater Medical Center?" I mean really, we need more condos?
For more info on the project, check out the Friends of West Edgewater website.
Vote yes and you could get your hands as dirty as you want planting flowers in our new park*. It's the Chicago way.
park sign.jpg
*Okay, there's more to it than that - namely securing federal and state grant money. But the first step is getting this referendum off the ground so vote yes, please!

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