What the heck is raclette? Plus: Sneak peek at Caterpillar party

Want to make a pregnant lady happy? Serve a meal of all cheese! My friend Stacey hosted a traditional Swiss feast tonight called a raclette party, where guests dine on stinky cheese followed by salad. 

Raclette is a cross between fondue and yakiniku or, less abstractly, it's a meal where everybody broils their own cheese at the table under a communal oven, then scrapes it onto potatoes. It is served with gherkins (pregnant mamas love pickles!) olives (martini drinkers on hiatus love olives!) and asparagus. I think that last item was supposed to be sausage, but the ladies at this party are vegetarian and we modify traditional customs as we see fit.

In case there wasn't enough cheese in this meal, we sandwiched the vittles between an appetizer of brie and tiramisu for dessert. Plus ice cream! 
Quick interruption brought to you by my husband . . .
So do people toot their way through life in Switzerland?
ZiNG! Back to the topic.
To host your own raclette party, you would have to invest in a raclette oven. Or . . . you could just go the low rent route and microwave yourself into bliss. Just walk yourself to the nearest snooty cheese store, ask for raclette, get yer gherkins, boil new potatoes and invite me over. Simple.
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Stacey, Mr. Stacey, Niko, a sliver of my head.
Next up: Bianca turns two!
My baby's birthday is Thursday and we will be Very Hungry Caterpiller-ing ourselves into a frenzy. I whipped her up a themey dress and molded a fine caterpillar out of fondant this afternoon. Stay tuned!
Whoops, I made this guy a wee big! Now I have to bake a giant cake for this small party. 

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  • Okay, now I want to go to a raclette! Fun & cheesy! Mmmmmmmm.

    Love the caterpillar! It looks bakery perfect! Can't wait to see the rest!

  • In reply to chibbz:

    Thanks! He's a little wonky, but he'll do. This giant cake is going to be hilarious when only a wee chunk is eaten. Oh well . . . LEFTOVERS!

  • In reply to chibbz:

    Keep the pregnant lady happy, at all costs! Raclette should do it!

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