We're the hardest core ladies at church

My friend Stacey and I are pretty much the razor thugs of the Immanuel Lutheran community. The turn out of the annual Christmas party took a hit today due to the snow, but we made it. [Blows on knuckles] Sure, I'm a ginormous pregnant lady with a toddler who refuses to let her feet touch the ground and Stacey had to WALK six blocks in the snow to get there but we were at the party! We were there! 

And where were you, Congregation? Home snug in your jams? Enjoying hot cocoa and watching snow pour over the metropolis? Cuddled up with your family under a blanket laughing at the pedestrians outside? Weak.
Stacey and I got this.
Picture 24.png
"Yeah, our church lady moms are badasses."

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  • Oh yeah, we made it! We were there with bells on! Fun, fun, fun! Actually the party seemed to pick up when you and B got there. :)

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