Is the Superbowl a holiday?

Right after scrubbing off the glitter of New Year's Eve, I always get my Superbowl plans in order. It usually involves a bar stool or a familiar couch and two out of the past three seasons, it's included booze-free booze. Even though I'm girly, there's something I love about the sports highlight of the year. When I was a cocktail waitress it was the tips and festive atmosphere (when else can I wear orange satin fingerless gloves?) and now that I've moved onto motherhood, I get to bake themed treats and dress up my minions. I'd say it's a holiday.

One thing I've always wondered about is what happens when someone is in labor during the Superbowl? Think about it. There are always televisions in hospital rooms, men have their eyes and souls glued to the game, it's long, exciting and important  - and yet here you are bringing in a miracle. What's the husband supposed to do? Feign disinterest? What if the baby comes during some important moment, like the kickoff or (forbid!) the game-winning play? What about the mom? What if you deliver during half time? And miss the COMMERCIALS? I have literally spent hours of my lifetime wondering about this little predicament.
Ironically, the Superbowl is February 6th this year and I am due eleven days later. Hm. Let's say this little fear I have always entertained comes true -  my baby girl might be cursed with birthdays where she competes with a pile of hot wings. Boyfriends of the future will be in doghouses when their romantic birthday plans include a kegger and 15 other dudes. Or maybe she'll embrace the Superbowl like I do and throw herself Bears-themed birthday parties.
Hey, it's better than being a Valentine's baby where your boyfriends lump your presents together. Oh wait, I'm due three days after that holiday too. Crap.
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  • No worries hun, My Birthday is February 6th, my moms is January 30th and Dexters is Jan 31st. Growing up it just meant that me or my mom were guaranteed a party! Even if occasionally they meant the men were gathered around the TV set and the cake was football shaped ;)

    If she is born the 6th she will share a birthday with Zsa Zsa Gabor, Axl Rose, and Ronald Reagan!

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