Good news - SIDS isn't a crap shoot

A study came out last week that incidents of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) rise 33% on New Years Day. Why? Because that's when parents drink.

The Tribune ran an article December 12 revealing crib bumpers and other obstructions in cribs are rarely reported or factored into SIDS reporting.
Apparently the crippling fear that my baby was just going to suddenly die for no reason was probably not warranted because the convenient fact that parental negligence is ignored in SIDS case reporting. Wow. I wasted my life in 2009.
I'm not saying that all cases of SIDS are total crap, but it's obvious the character of the phenemenon is vastly skewed in the available resources. Supposedly the scare goes like this: No one knows what causes sudden infant death, but somehow perfectly healthy, normal babies just die on the spot for no reason. 
Well. Now we have research that SIDS cases spike on holidays that involve drinking and that crib mattresses and obstructions are not reported as factors in SIDS cases. Healthy babies aren't just dying for no reason! They are suffocating or otherwise neglected. So if you happen to be a neurotic, hormone drenched mom on the terrifying brink of the collapse of your sanity (me! 2009!) just relax. It now appears that real, true cases of completely mysterious SIDS deaths are fewer and further between than previously thought. 
God forbid this worst of all nightmares should occur and my heart goes out to any parent who has lost a child regardless of what happened, but as a mother and second-time-mother-to-be, I have to take comfort in these new findings. In short, it's not necessary to become a zombie -lacking food, sleep and sanity- in order to stare at a baby 24 hours a day. 
Whew. New mamas can chill out now that this piece of the world has been contained into a cause-and-effect box and is no longer left to the mystery of chance! Woot.
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This child was spied upon 23.5 hours a day.

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  • You can imagine how nuts it made me when I figured out that Grant wouldn't sleep unless he was on his stomach when he was a tiny baby. We have an AngelCare monitor, so we finally gave in to sleep deprivation and put him on his tummy to sleep. 2 some-odd years later and he's fine.... and still a tummy sleeper.

    I highly recommend the AngelCare monitor. There were a few false alarms when he'd scoot into a corner of the crib and off of the area the sensor could detect, but I'd rather have that and know that if something went wrong, I'd KNOW. It was the only way I got any sleep at all when Grant was tiny. We're planning on replacing it when we have the next one, since it's dying.

  • Sorry to hear about your sleep woes, Lindsey. Glad you eventually got some!

    We had the AngelCare monitor AND the video monitor going. If I could have had electrodes hooked up to her heartbeat that read on a screen inside my eyelids I would have done it. It ended up being a nightmare with all the false alarms when she'd scoot off. It would beep, my heart would sink, I'd fly in there and she'd be giggling at me. Btu you think your kid is dead enough times and you go crazy. Ugh, I am not looking forward to that aspect of having a newborn again.

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  • I remember how tough this was on you. I'm so glad to hear these new studies! I bet it really helps you with this next little one. I know it will me!

    Makes me kinda sick that they'd blow off the risk of crib bumpers for so long if they knew babies were dying from them.

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