Don't forget to craft an advent calendar! C'mon, it's easy.

Seven hundred twenty seven. That's how many strips of construction paper I just cut by hand so the little chillens at my Christmas play group tomorrow will have supplies to make advent chains. And look, I still have energy left in my fingers for TYPING. Unfortunately, that is the only exercise I did today. Back to the chains.

Here's what you do: Get a piece of green paper and a piece of red. Use a fat fingernail file (or be Real and use a ruler) as your guide and cut the paper into strips. You'll need eleven of each color since starting tomorrow morning there will be 22 days till Christmas. Then just glue them into rings, all connected, and lop one off each day till the big day. Cheap! Fun! 
Alright, I gotta run. I have to learn the words to frosty.
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