Do you secretly hope your baby isn't gay?

I know there are far more important things than having blonde hair, but secretly . . . along with being an amazing published writer and prolific grandbaby maker, I privately hope my daughter's blonde hair doesn't change. She'll save a bundle at the salon! I'm vain. Surprise.

Our friends over at The Stir/Cafe Mom are cooking up something big and they need your (anonymous) help. What are your secret dreams and fears for your baby that you would never say out loud? Do you secretly hope your child isn't gay even though you're not usually homophobic? Or do you have an inner knot over your baby's eventual height?

Send your "post-secret" style confessions to Megan at query-sjd[at]
If there's something less juicy you want to share here, well, I'm not holding you back. After all, I'm the one hoping for a bombshell toddler.
Picture 16.png

Wait, maybe bombshell toddlers are creepy. Cancel that!

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