A stroller is a car, at least this one better be. Bugaboo's new double!

Living in the city, I've almost certainly put more miles on my stroller than behind the wheel of my car. Which is why my baby rides in mega style in her little Bugaboo Cameleon. We had to have the reversible seat, rubber tires (hello Chicago streets), huge storage compartment and narrow wheel base for dodging the doors on the train. 

Now we have another little bundle on her way and it's time to go shopping for double strollers. As I bid farewell to the Cameleon on Craig's List, I have my eye on the Granddaddy of all doubles - the Bugaboo Donkey, coming April 2011.
[Cue audience screams ala Oprah's Favorite Things]
[I'll wait.]
[No seriously. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!]
This new contraption by Bugaboo easily captures the imagination. It goes from a single stroller, to a double and back again in just a few clicks. It carries two toddler seats, or two infant seats or one of each OR just one seat and a storage compartment. 
Do you realize how amazing this is? You could buy this stroller the moment you get pregnant with your first baby and you could wind up with twins, only have one child and call it quits, or have two babies several years apart and never have to buy another stroller. Or you could just buy this stroller for yourself as a single woman who likes to shop. It's an accessory! 
My qualms with the Bugaboo Donkey are, however, numerous. "Donkey." I think of a rude, smelly animal. They should have named it the Pigeon (because it comes in pairs) or maybe the "Puppy" given the litter of children you can have and still use this thing.
Also, they haven't released the price yet. What are we thinking here . .. $1300? $1,500? That's three times the cost of my first car - which now that I think about it, wouldn't have been safe for any children. Some speculate the price of the Bugaboo Donkey could be as much as $2,000. For that you could buy one of those bicycle rigs Tori and Dean have.
My other issues with this stroller are the weight limits (37 pounds per child) and the fact they couldn't have released this amazing Donkey beast in 2008 when I was more of a sucker for posh baby gear. 
Side note to first time moms: live it up while you can because those designer diaper bags will be puked on and your pristine nursery will one day smell of poop. By the time you have a second child, you're just happy you don't have yogurt dripping down your shirt.
In the end, I chose the 2010 Bumbleride Indie Twin. It has a ginormo sunshade this year and a few more complimentary gadgets. And it's not named after an ass.
bugaboo donkey.png
Ten bucks says they change the name by spring

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  • Bahahaha - seriously you crack me up!!!

  • In reply to ericarezac:

    Ha, thanks!

  • I didn't get a Bugaboo because (besides the price) it seemed so complicated when the salesperson was explaining how to fold up and add the carseat etc. I'm sure it becomes much easier with practice. We have the BOB Double and it is awesome.

  • In reply to bethprystowsky:

    The car seat is a cinch, but folding it up is actually still a bit of a mystery to me. I have a GIANT car. Like, my car is an SUV on steroids on spinach. I just throw it in there as-is!

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