2011 - The year I will buy a mop. Maybe.

I am married to a hedonist. I already knew this, but it struck me as I was cleaning up the post-holiday debris and discovered some expensive, but handy, dusting wipes in the cabinet that he bought. 

Me, I like to suffer. I also like to opposite-of-procrastinate (anticrastinate?) hence my yanking of decorations and scrubbing down on December 26th. When I scrub, I scrub. I get out my threadbare towels and my soap and I go to work with vigor. Belly in the way? Arms hurting? Back aching? It just means I love more than modern people with their pre-moistened towelettes.
He's been begging me to get a cleaning lady. What are they, a couple bucks twice a month? It's the same money I spend on Starbucks and I could easily trade lattes for easy living but why do that when I have fingernails to sacrifice and a family who needs a mother who loves. Right? I'm just a latte-guzzling, floor scrubbing lady. I don't even own a mop. (Mops are either for people with really great eyesight or who don't care about every last crumb in the crevices like we loving, suffering mothers.)
But it occurs to me today - with the belly in the way, the arms aching, the back hurting, as I discover the pre-moistened towelettes that must have cost him $6.99 - that this suffering is indeed needless. I mean, why not blow seven bucks on some easy wipes? Why not spring for a cleaning lady or how about a babysitter and go an a date for once? 
While most of the world is drawing up new year's resolutions to eat more sprouts and save more cash, I'm doing the opposite. 2011 is my year to be more like my husband. I'm going to quit being such a tightwad and enjoy my life a little more. You hear that kids? Mom doesn't feel like scrubbing! Mom is going to be like dad and drink more than one glass of wine (maybe) and let us hire a sitter to go see movies on some Saturday nights. Mom's going to get on mint.com less often and get on gilt.com more often. Party!
Ah. Twenty eleven. The year I will take a break from being such a frugal, uptight nazi. Wish me luck!
Okay, maybe the hedonism will start after I give birth in February.

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  • I hear ya! Take advantage. :) I'm envious but you DESERVE it! Especially with baby girl #2 coming.

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