Parents enraged at Amazon over Pedophilia how-to manual - UPDATED!

Online retailer Amazon is losing holiday business this season after parents are becoming enraged at a controversial e-document available for download on Amazon's virtual shelves.

The book is called The Pedophile's Guide To Love And Pleasure and is, for all purposes, a how-to guide for child-touchers. The document claims to appeal to "the better nature of pedosexuals". Parents of victims of child molestation are calling for the removal of the listing from the site and who can blame them?
Amazon is refusing to remove The Pedophile's Guide To Love And Pleasure, citing a lack of desire to promote censorship. Two points: A) Censorship is when a GOVERNMENT controls information and B) Retailers make choices all the time about what to sell. You can't buy liquor at Wal-mart and Amazon should be socially responsible enough to not make pedo how-tos accessible to the public.
The first amendment is no more Amazon's responsibility than it is the publishers who can, and do, say no to books all the time.

Like, duh, Amazon. You're not a champion of the people here.

I guess Amazon hopes their nasty $4.79 e-book will bring in a lot of profit this season because they will lose a hefty sect of retail business from parents. It really is unfortunate timing for such a gutsy maneuver considering Amazon just launched Amazon Mom, a loyalty program marketed to parents and caregivers of young children, in September.
I call for a Boycott of Amazon, mamas! DOWN WITH SUPPORTING BABY TOUCHERS!
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Here is the cover. I may download this book and reveal it's contents later today. Hm . . .  undecided. Stay tuned.
Thanks for the tip off, Rachel!
My friend Kiersten pointed me in the direction of another FAILED GEM turning a profit for Amazon, "Understanding Loved Boys" which purports that young children and older minors seek out sexual relationships with old men who themselves should not be criminalized. I hope Amazon is enjoying their badge of social justice and free speech because they won't be enjoying any more money from me!
Write what you want, and buy what you want. It's the American way. But we are also free to patronize retailers who respect our children and our laws that protect them.
Wow, that was fast! As of 10:00PM CST Amazon has pulled the sale of The Pedophile's Guide To Love And Pleasure. It turns out they listen to their customers! *Impressed!* Hey, it's not my job to scrub the world clean, but I sure do feel better shopping from a retailer who doesn't supply child molesters with manuals. Yay for doing the right thing, Amazon!
Alright, folks. I'm going to bed. Not only is the book still for sell, the reason the page wasn't available a few minutes ago is because it was busy facilitating 101,000 copies being sold today - and increase of 100,999 since the story broke. Wow.
I couldn't bring myself to buy it and share, but the work was done for us by other curious people. Apparently the e-book contains some sicko tip about using the fingertips of gloves as condoms on little boys. FUCKING ILL.
Back to hating Amazon. Good night.
They took it down for real this time. I'm over this story. I'm still annoyed the other pedo book hasn't gotten much attention, but like I said, I'm not out to police the world. Amazon just needs to make up its mind - are they pro-family with their Amazon Mom program, or are they supportive of controversial authors who threaten the well being of children? I know they want everyone's money, but you can't have it both ways.

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  • Seriously beyond disgusting. And STUPID, STUPID move on Amazon's part! Idiots.

  • Exactly! This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Barnes & Noble isn't selling it and neither is Books A Million or Borders. A retailer will say no if a book is not profitable, but I guess in the case of Amazon, a retailer will say yes at any other cost - like the safety of children!


    14 of 31 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars A real review, November 10, 2010
    By Phillip R. Greaves II "Phillip R. Greaves, 2nd" (Pueblo, Colorado United States) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure (Kindle Edition)
    Since none of you will read the book before voicing your opinion, I, as the only person here who knows what it actually contains, will give my own review. It is actually a very good and well-reasoned book on the true nature of pedophilia, the child-lover and society's attack against the innocent. It's purpose is the safty of all children and the honest representation of the average pedophile. Advice is given for the saftey of those children that find themselves involved in pedosexual relations, as well as suggestions to help pedophiles refocus and redirect their sexual urges toward more acceptable outlets. Two detailed accounts are offered as actual examples of how children interact with true pedophiles and visa/versa. The role and importance of parents is examined as are the true roots of pedophilia. The people at Amazon are very brave to stand behing their well-considered-decission to make this work available. They are not, however, the only internet site to offer this unique and far reaching book. Severial other sites have given this work above average reviews.

  • In reply to theneek:

    Of course a pedophile* would say that. The book states its intent is to lessen the stigma of pedophiles in the first place and to form boundaries WITHIN RELATIONSHIPS WITH MINORS. That's a problem.

    *The author of that review, not you Niko :)

  • In reply to theneek:

    I'm speechless. Sickening!!!!!

  • In reply to theneek:

    This makes me so sick. I just got the boys gifts from Amazon- cheaper than anywhere else, but at what cost? I'm done with Amazon.

  • In reply to theneek:

    Seriously disturbing! How hard up for cash must you be to promote pedophilia?!? Disgusting! I will not be purchasing anything else from amazon.

  • In reply to theneek:

    I am DONE with amazon....absolutely DONE. This is sick, vile and disgusting and I'm pissed off that I just ordered something last week. DISGUSTING.

  • In reply to theneek:

    I seriously just broke into tears the second I saw your comment about the rubber glove. I don't even want to follow this story's that gross.

  • In reply to theneek:

    I think it is a horrible book and i am glad it is pulled. It disgusted me when I saw this. However, I am curious as to how many idiot pedophiles or want to be sicko pedophiles would actually be stupid enough to make the purchase. Credit Card receipts and pay pal accounts are associated with names and addresses and well as shipping addresses. You would think that this could possibly be a way to track down and intervene these sickos. Not the best possible means for putting an end to this sick behavior but anyone who purchases this book has some issues that should be evaluated.

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