Is it wrong to donate gross toys?

This guy I knew and I were moving apartments at the same time when he spotted some nasty old cooking utensils I was throwing out. They had been all of ten bucks eight years before and were crustified with eggs and probably disease. And he wanted them? I said no. That is totally disgusting - inhumane even - to give someone those mottled old jiggers. 

I guess the guy seriously didn't have any cooking utensils, so I ran to Target and forked over the $10 for a new set for the poor schlump. Ain't I a saint? I mean, you can't give people crap.
Flash forward six years to yesterday, when everyone I know is equipped to cook an egg and it's time to clear out some old toys in our play room to make way for Santa Claus. Bee and I weeded out the gross stuff. Let's see, there's the annoying ball popper that only has two balls left. That's going. And the collection of hand-me-down stuffed animals that are on the cusp of mangey but still have some love left. Hm. 
My first instinct is to donate this stuff. Someone could use them, right? Maybe there's some kid out there with an abundance of tiny plastic balls who has lost his ball-popping apparatus. It would be a perfect match for that irritating whirly toy. But the animals? I suppose half of them came to us pre-loved, but it kind of strikes me as gross that anyone would want these things. One of them is worth all of the 5 cents I paid for it in a vending machine in a Canadian diner. Seriously, who wants this crap?
Maybe you have some ideas - the trash or actually give this stuff to people? Is that rude to charity?
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On the upside, we're all cleaned up and ready for ho-ho action!

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  • We donate a lot of our stuff and my general rule of them is - let them decide. I make sure everything I send is clean, then they can choose if it is in good enough repair to sell.
    My mother in law worked at the Salvation Army here for a while and she told me about half of what comes in gets thrown out and a lot of stuff comes unclean, I guess people think since they are donating it they don't want to waste their time washing it first? That is gross.

  • If any of them are strong enough to send through the wash, I would do that and then donate it to your local paramedic service. They usually keep a few stuffed animals in the ambulances for the little kids....and it meant the world to my son when he got that.

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