Craft sale today! Tomorrow! Berger Park!

What's up, homeys? I'll have you know that as soon as one of my $3 clay ornaments sells at the Berger Park Pottery & Jewelry Show today (or tomorrow) that I will officially be a professional potter. Professional potter! Not that I ever aspired to be a professional potter, but one of the other kids* in class mentioned that I could sell my little kiln-fired bad boys and turn a buck at the sale this weekend.

Commercial: The Berger Park Pottery & Jewelry Show is going on today and tomorrow (that's Saturday and Sunday, folks) from 10:00AM - 5:00 PM at the Berger Park Cultural Center where I take pottery class in the basement on Thursday nights. The sale features wares from the community such as clay pots, sculptures, jewelry of all sorts and of course, some dinky little ornaments I made. Please buy. Actually, you can have my ornaments for free because I instructed the peeps running the show that if anyone really wants my stuff, they can have it.
There are actually some cool things for sale though! I didn't realize my brethern were so talented. Here they've got these amazing Ghost-worthy pots and all I have is a creepy baby head and the aforementioned elementary tree fare.
Here's a brief look at what's for sale. I didn't include the jewelry pieces because, well, I forgot okay? You will have to trust that they are dandies.
*Stacey and I are the only students in the class under the age of I think 65
Picture 777.png
I know this article is about pottery, but I really must show off the matching hats we wore to this event. 

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