Colored Christmas trees - yay or nay?

Apparently the 70's are in full revival, from urban crafting circles to long haired little boys and now colored Christmas trees. What do we think of this, Culture? 

My first instinct is to boo a blue Christmas tree. I mean seriously, the audacity. Like trees are naturally going to grow out of the ground the color of Smurfdom and then just blaspheme themselves all over the face of your living room in atrocious orange. Please. Santa likes red and green and the occasional Ikea twist, but loud Christmas trees are an abomination.
But wait. What is a Christmas tree supposed to be in the first place? Not like it conveniently grew in your living room in front of that coffee table and just sprouted LED lights in the gentle hands of nature. It's barely even religious! It's a big, ole decorative pain the ass. I assume the normal palette of your home isn't traditional holiday colors, so really, why not a pink tree?
I think colored Christmas trees share a little of my mind space with Lady Gaga and lattes from McDonald's - something you're totally against until you're totally for in one light bulb moment. See also: Glee, green olives, jeggings and getting pregnant.
But never mind me. Apparently this is in, folks. Colored Christmas trees are the new tweed. If you can get past a little awkwardness at first concept, you will look at regular trees with pity. They will seem mired with the obsolescence of Christmas yesterday, what with their stinking red and green bows that clash with the beautiful turquoise you've worked so hard to fill your home with this year. (TREND NERD.)
That said, my tree will totally be army green. Sorry, moda.
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  • I have to have a REAL tree. I can't skip the traidition of hiking around the tree farm, marking 13 different trees then picking a totally different one an hour later, while freezing and listening to the kids scream. Such a fun tradition. However, it COULD be an idea for a second tree in our basement!

  • In reply to missjoli:

    Yeah, this idea is more for those second (and third, and 8th) trees for various rooms. I got B a hot pink one for her play room. I was telling Chelsea yesterday that all my decorating is like a Lisa Frank trapper keeper sprung to life, lol.

  • Laughing so hard at this post! You are totally right...about it all!

    And you've gotten into Glee? I didn't know this! I keep resisting the urge...

  • In reply to chibbz:

    I like Glee now! It's dark-funny. At first I thought it was just overdramatic acting, but the more I watched it I realized it's like the Royal Tennenbaums and Fargo - that style of unfunny that's secretly hilarious. I dunno. It grows on you!

  • In reply to chibbz:

    I have a table top pink Christmas tree that I decorate with mini high heel & handbag ornaments. I'm very girly & the tree works for me. When & if I have kids, I'll go with the traditional green tree and the joy of sweeping up pine needles until April the following year.

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