Baby name: Camille?

When we first found out we were pregnant, I tossed out the name Camilla to the hubs and he laughed. "Like Camilla Parker Bowles?" He said Camilla was up there with Cher. What, it's not like I wanted to name her Beyonce.

Unlike a first pregnancy, the second one is easy to forget about. People ask me how I'm feeling and it takes me a second to get it. "Oh. I'm fine, and you?" and I walk past a mirror and it dawns on me I'll be giving birth soon. This is in contrast to last time, where I laid on online expecting clubs, read every pregnancy book known to man, created "birth art", obsessed over the chosen baby name like it was an ancient text. This time we put a name in the hopper and considered it done.

However. Ladies change their minds (see: "me hating on bleach" and maybe "Christmas trees", thank you Jade). Today I decided to revisit Camilla and two things pop to mind: vanilla and camel. I can't name my baby after what feels like an exotic cigarette, but what about Camille? No, not "ka-meel" rather "ka-MEE"? Camille! Bee and Milly? Or would I be setting the child up for a life time of "NO, not ka-meel, ka-MEE" and is that such a bad thing? Camille. Do I take this seriously or run back the name we've been calling her for three months that CERTAIN celebrities totally stole from me?

I'm glad I don't have any other decisions to make this time because now I'm pooped. Off to gnaw on something chocolate . . .

kate.jpg Speaking of royalty, I guess you heard these two are engaged?

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  • Whatever you do, do NOT name her Camille and pronounce it ka-mee. If you name her Camille, call her Camille or Milly or spell it Camey/Kamey/Camy/Kamy/Camee. No one will EVER pronounce her name right (or spell it right when she tells people her name) and I would be willing to bet once she reached adulthood she would weary of correcting people so much she would just start to go by Camille. I worked with a woman named Margie, who went by Marg-ie, with the hard g, not Marj-ie. Most annoying thing ever! Please, I don't know you and I will never meet you or your kids, but for the love of all that is holy do not do that do your child. This message brought to you by an opinionated stranger.

  • In reply to Bugsy1211:

    *high five*

    I need honesty like that!

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    Before I had kids a friend of mine that was nine months pregnant told me one of the names she was considering for her daughter. I immediately made a face and said not that name. I knew someone in high school that had that name and I hated her. Literally, two days later she had her baby and named it that name I hated. Now, every time I see her or her daughter I cringe. Now, I keep my mouth shut. And the baby becomes their name, if that makes sense.

  • In reply to bethprystowsky:

    Ha, I'm taking that as a nay on Camille.

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    I like Camille, as in ka-meel, but not ka-mee...I'm not even sure I'm saying the second pronounciation right...but I agree with first commenter...don't do that to your child. Seriously, childhood is hard enough without always having to explain your name. I'm certain that the name you've chosen and have used over the last 3 months is great even if some celebrity is using it....I mean, remember how much thought you put into B's know how important names are!!

  • In reply to mivie0513:

    We have a friend-of-a-friend named "ka-MEE" and it has always been so striking to me. I had correctly assumed she spelled it spelled Camille, but I'm realizing that's not a common assumption! That would be annoying to correct everyone.

    Maybe I should ask the original Camille her thoughts? Off to Facebook stalk . . .

  • In reply to VelvetMinxx:

    UPDATE- Camille's parents are from France, which makes sense she'd have a French name. And she lives in Switzerland so she doesn't have to deal with American pronunciation issues. *sigh* But it's such a pretty name!

  • In reply to VelvetMinxx:

    I agree with the first post, it will NEVER be pronounced or spelled correct! If you love the name, can you find a better, more obvious, way to spell it maybe?

  • In reply to TrishaChristine:

    Well, I think it would be pronounced correctly in Chicago because there are a lot of immigrants and global people here. For example, my friend has a son with a French name that she did NOT intend to be pronounced the French way and she is annoyed that everyone here calls him by the French version.

    However, it sounds like "greater America" for lack of a better term, would not receive this well. I guess it's not worth it in the end. Back to the original name.

    Thanks, guys!

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    I love the name Camille, BUT pronounce it ka-meel. No one will ever get it right as ka-MEE.

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