Unintentionally hilarious sewing book

My friend Chelsea Bells sent me a sewing book for my ole birFday (I'll be 31 flavors Sunday, if you must know) and it is her-larious. 

The book is called Simple Sewing For Baby by a lady with an awesome name: Lotta Jansdotter. Lotta! Loves. Anyway, she has some great idearrs (a felt baby book that will take all of 20 minutes to make including a diaper break, cool fabric letters, baby bandanas!) but the real richness of the book is the commentary.
She'll be like, "Here are instructions for a handmade changing pad. I included this because I'm on the go taking trips to Japan, spending my evenings at galleries and meeting with the Finnish Consulate with a baby in tow. SEE, I'm important. I know you're using your changing pad during an intermediate moment of a non-organic dinner on the poop-encrusted plastic baby center inside a midwestern Chuck E. Cheese, probably burping up Diet Pepsi and getting the only workout your fat arms will see today, but me, I'm important. Also skinny. Here's your pattern."
Okay, so I paraphrased. I'm probably just bitter because this lady has a hardcover book for sale at national book stores and you know what? I kind of do have fat arms. Rats. Sewing book lady wins!
Picture 695.png
Are you busy and amazing like Lotta? Me neither. But we can still craft felt books!

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  • Lol! Hilarious! I didn't know I was sending humor your way for your birthday!

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