Money. Shopping. Gilt.

Hm, "members-only" shopping sites. Feels special. Right now I'm awaiting my application to high-end online boutique Gilt with the zeal of a freshman sorority hopeful. They promise "hand-selected styles [and] members-only prices". Hey, they already made good on the promise of an excellent event at the Peninsula this morning, so I have no doubt I'll be in for a little spendy treat should they let me in.

In the mean time, let's talk about this morning. I had the opportunity to meet with the founders of Gilt at a blogger brunch. There I inhaled all the fun facts about Gilt itself and met a handful of amazing bloggers. 
In hearing the founder talk about their grass-roots marketing approach (no commercials, no gimmicks) I realized what usually sucks about online shopping. Price has been nailed to a science - thank you Google, Amazon and PriceGrabber - but what to buy in the first place is hard. For that, you usually have to go to real store. 
Yeah. You try lugging a flailing toddler and a watermelon belly into Chicago's finest retail. You'll get the "attention Wal-Mart shopper in the building" side-eye and slink back to the sidewalk where you came from so your two-year-old can finish her protest without damage. It's a real treat if I ain't being too vague.
But Gilt? I'm feeling high hopes for this. Apparently they have just expanded to include a men's department, a children's department (yay for cute BOY clothes, for the millions of you in need) and, bated breath - A BRIDAL SECTION!
Yes, I'm already married but does that mean I will not spend hours imaginary veil-shopping? No, it does not. Maybe I'll even have a vow-renewal ceremony after all these damn kids are finished being born. Yeah! When I'm chic and skinny again, I'll have a great, big do-over complete with a birdcage hat and an off-white pencil suit.
Hurry up and let me in, Gilt!
In the mean time, wouldn't these shoes look amazing on me as nibble the end of a fabric pencil at my new sewing machine? Say . . . YES!
Picture 698.png
A Spring '11 Louboutin shoe, which looks rather useful in a pinch.
Thanks Swa-Rai!

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  • hmmm...sounds interesting. I want to say something without sounding rude or reading tone in a blog post...but when you say cute BOY clothes for the millions of us who need them, are you talking about the people who say that they can't find any cute boy clothes or are you saying that you never see any cute boy clothes?....b/c honestly, I find TONS of cute boy clothes in all sorts of, kohls, and yes even walmart....granted they aren't designer and rarely cost more than a few bucks...but at the pace that my child is growing, I can't afford to spend hundreds on his tiny clothes.

  • In reply to mivie0513:

    Ha, yeah Mandie, I meant people were complaining! Some girls this morning were talking about how Target and I think they said Old Navy seemed to be overflowing w/girl clothes and there's like one wall for boys. Funny because I do see cute stuff and pick it up for Bee anyway. It all goes with a tutu!

    I will agree that the stuff without big logos or sports motifs do seem to be expensive and who wants to blow $ on more than an item or two?

  • In reply to VelvetMinxx:

    Yeah, I'm one of the ones who was just complaining about the lack of cute boys clothes! Mandie, I wish our Target and Walmart had cute boys clothes but there is NOTHING. It's like, if I want to dress Ben cute, I have to drop a ton of money, and that just ain't cool. Meanwhile Target's shelves are blowing up with cute and CHEAP girl clothes! Tons of 'em!

  • In reply to VelvetMinxx:

    I love those discount, members only shopping sites. They're amazing and you can find some real gems. And those Louboutin shoes are fabulous! I can't say I currently own anything with numbers on them. I see a purchase in my future.

  • In reply to mivie0513:

    Gilt is awesome! I have found some really great accessories and shoes all at deeply discounted prices. The home department is also great and I just purchased an item from Cuisinart at more than 50% off its retail price. The children's section has unique toys, cute clothes, and accessories. I have a son and have had a hard time finding cute clothes from time to time. Your friends are right, stores carry mostly girl stuff and the boy stuff is usually hiding in the back. I am so not a fan of drab clothes, boring trucks/car motifs, and clothing with characters on them. I can usually luck out in Janie and Jack and the Ralph Lauren outlet though. Happy shopping, you will love it!!!

  • In reply to KT1975:

    Boom on Janie & Jack. We don't have an outlet, but I shop their clearance rack and literally feel like I'm stealing sometimes.

    I can't wait to see what's actually on Gilt. Someone today told me they had these designer tights and hose for $6. Let me IN already!!

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