Fall Vegetarian Dinner Party Menu (for people you don't have to impress)

Apologies to my friend Stacey, but her family has been relegated to "eh, they like us already so who cares if the squash is oily?" which is one step above "let's not change out of our pajamas for them". Maybe that's a compliment?

In the spirit of sharing, let's discuss what I've been serving this week anyway!
The "roasted" part sounds fancy, but all you do is peel and dice a hard squash, sprinkle some olive oil on it with salt and pepper and bake the pieces in 400 degrees until tender. Meanwhile, sautee a red onion in olive oil, wilt a package of fresh spinach and then combine all the ingredients in a serving dish. Spritz a little lemon juice and you've got yerself a meal.
Tip: Don't go crazy on the oil unless you have incriminating pictures of your dinner guests to keep them from complaining. Otherwise, this is surprisingly tasty!
Nuke a sweet potato for 6 minutes. Spend an entire day soaking/boiling/seasoning black beans with cumin and garlic salt. Fry up a few corn tortillas (eight to be exact) then stuff them with the potatos and beans, coat in taco sauce and monterey jack cheese and bake in a dish on 350 for 25 minutes. 
Tip: Eff the warnings you're hearing about canned products and BPA and open yourself a can of beans for step two. You will have dinner in less time than it takes Dora The Explorer to get to her annoying victory song.
The pumpkin famine is over! So gorge yourself on The Other Orange Fruit to the tune of ginger, cinnamon, cloves and half of the sugar the recipe calls for (you do know you can always halve the sugar, right? It's not considered a dry ingredient, so edit a cup right out whenever you want). 
Also, replacing half the flour with whole grain flour and subbing a little applesauce for oil ain't too shabby of a way to feel good about yourself. Go ahead, cut someone off in traffic. You eat whole grains.
Picture 684.png
This guy? Wouldn't dare complain about my food.
*Yes, these are from Whole Foods which is not my favorite store but they are tasty and use all my ingredients. Let's blame Google. Thanks.

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