Crafty discovery! Design your own fabric!

How about those drapes in your living room? Would you like the option of festooning them with the logo of this website? No way is that tacky! And it turns out, it's entirely possible. 

I recently discovered the wonder of Spoonflower. You can upload any design and order it in fabric - anything from regular ole cotton to gauze. Wow! I haven't quite figured out what to do with this new magic (pictures of my sleeping babies made into pillows so they don't forget what they're supposed to do in there? My autograph blown up to a hanging wall tapestry ala Oprah?) but I'm pretty excited.
It also turns out I wasn't kidding on the logo fabric. Check this out!


You could make a saucey dress out of this and the be envy of 
housemoms everywhere!!
In other shopping news, I figured out the good and the bad of Gilt. Good: Super cheap prices on really cute stuff, fun selection of things you wouldn't think to buy. I got some more obscure Shel Silverstein books for $11 as well as some fancy shirts for Niko on the cheap!
Bad: The check-out process is a little annoying because they start a ten-minute timer when you put something in your cart. It feels like you only have ten minutes to check out, so you're scrambling to get your card out. TIP: It's a bluff. You can still check out, the item is only "reserved" for 10 minutes. You still want to act fast or whatever, but you do actually have time.
Final update: I'm enormous. Stacey and I watched the episode of Oprah where we appeared in the audience and I dare you to look at my belly without flinching. And that was a MONTH ago. I still have four left. Pain.


They say the camera adds 500 pounds. That's what they say, right?

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