Beginner's sewing luck + FAN CAM!

I'm a whiz kid, did I mention that? Sure, my profession yields the annual income of a paper boy but I'm a real whiz bang with figgirin' stuff out. Case in point: my new sewing machine. (New = a 1978 Viking model from my mother-in-law in signature mustard yellow). Bobbin? No problem. How to thread this beast? Hello, You Tube.

Two short weeks later, I have made three toddler dresses, a sleep sack and a comforter to match the nursery. I might have a future on Regretsy, sure, but in the mean time I'm cranking out consumables faster than a Nike sweat shop. Hey-o!
Picture 692.png
By "dress", I liberally mean "shirt" for my debut item.
Picture 691.png
You would be surprised how few girly toddler bedding 
sets come in blue and yellow. Um, like zero.

Also surprising, my blog has fans! These fine ladies drove here from KENTUCKY to have lunch with little old me. Me? Okay, they were also here for The Lion King, but still. Let me have my moment.
Picture 690.png
My new pals Lindsay and Kelli! 

Would you like to know that Lindsay in the red is oh, six weeks behind me in her pregnancy and this is what I look like . . .

Picture 693.png

A biggun!

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  • Look at you all fancy schmancy with your sewing machine. I am impressed. It wouldn't matter how many youtube videos I watched, my pieces would not turn out like yours. Love B's new toddler comforter. It looks nice and comfy! :)

  • In reply to erinh:

    Wow! Great job. I'm so impressed. I would LOVE to learn how to do that, but have zero patience. Maybe you can start selling stuff on etsy now and I can request a comforter for the boys' room. THey still don't have any bedding other then their old crib sheets and their ratty blankies.

  • Fabulous comforter! Also, it doesn't surprise me you have fans that want to break bread with you. You're a fun, smart, sassy gal. Cheers to you, girlfriend!

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