Andersonville's spooky abandoned hospital in the Trib

A block from my house sits an ominous, expansive, abandoned hospital that was shut down for medical fraud in 2001. On cold, fall nights legends come alive in the rustling leaves about the shaky addicts that were treated there against their will and horrific scenes on gurneys that shroud the dark facility known as Edgewater Medical Facility. A bold peek in the windows reveals 1970's decor. Spooky, indeed.

The site of this hospital is not only ensconced in spook, it is also at the center of a David vs. Goliath battle as to the land's future. As the Tribune reported this morning, the building at 5700 N. Ashland is a white elephant - too expensive to demolish, too valuable too rezone, too complicated to hash out. And so it sits. Neighbors are gathering momentum to fight, though, devising plans to raise the money themselves and skirt the zoning issue.
Ald. Patrick O'Connor said he is willing to listen to anyone who can come up with private donations or grants and the zoning can indeed be changed. It turns out, money talks.
Another obstacle is no one seems to know what the property is worth. It has been assessed at as little as $5 million and as much as $15M. Without a clear goal in mind, can the residents tackle such a project? Might Hilary Clinton be interested in helping? After all, she was born there.
I've still got that $25 scratch-off burning a hole in my pocket.
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Clinton is in the midst of a fundraising 
battle herself but you never know!

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