What to do when it's YOUR fault

So you blew it. Mistakes are human. How you handle it says more about you than your goof and the implications of the mistake depends more on the circumstances than the severity. This can work in your favor! If you have the upper hand in a failing boyfriend situation, for example, you can get away with murder. If you are me, and you flaked on a class of preschoolers today, you better think of something fast.

1. Own up and the quicker the better. Except for traffic violations, the quicker you step up to your mistake, the better the outcome will be for you. Hoping no one finds out is a great day dream, but the reality is that the longer you wait to fess up, the worse it gets and the less control you have. 
2. Assess what you actually did. Did you cost people money? Hurt some feelings? Or just make yourself look bad?
3. Fix it. Stay late, restitch all your seams, do what you have to do to make amends. In my case I have to thank (and pay) the person who stepped in for me when I flaked.
4. Apologize. Why is the modern "I'm sorry" always tempered with "you feel that way" or "if I did something wrong". "I'm sorry" should be just that.
5. Defuse your fears. Waiting on a response to your fess-up email from the grand poobah? Calm yourself with the worst case scenario. You might get fired, fined, dumped or incarcerated so prepare for it. Then if you just get a warning it's a bonus!
6. Count your blessings. Say the worst does happen - what will you still have? If the cuddles of your children and your favorite "Oprah" mug remain on the horizon for you tomorrow, it ain't that bad. 
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