There's a new Jon Gosselin on the scene!

Meet Brian Masche. He's the bad-tempered, gay-seeming dad of sex-tuplets and star of Raising Sextuplets on WE. Just what makes this guy so great? His condescending attitude, his raging temper and now . . . his arrest record!

Brian Masche was arrested for domestic violence in Yavapa County in Arizona while visiting relatives. His bond of $3,500 might be a problem though because this dad of six doesn't have a job. Yay for overbreeding!
Quotable gems from this guy include, "everybody give mommy a clap" when she made an innocent mistake when wrangling six kids and commandeering a moving monster vehicle and "there's no way out of the marriage". Has father's day already passed this year? Rats!

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  • I have seen this show a couple of times and I too find this guy to be an ass. What surprises me about these parents of multiples, is why would they agree to have a tv show? Sure the money is okay i guess but paretning is freaking hard. I have just one and sometimes go a tad crazy, i can not even imagine 6, or a film crew following my every move as I try and navigate this whole parenting thing!
    So this family who is already stressed to the nines with 6 babies decides to bring in a film crew, cause thats not going to add drama to their life or give them false egos. I feel really bad for the kiddos. I wish their dad would grow up! And although it can be entertaining to watch, i wish the kids to grow up away from cameras with two parents. But that is just me.

  • I haven't seen this show, but just watching the trailer had me twitching. This woman must have low self-esteem to put herself in the public eye while her husband berates her. I know that my husband and I can go at it sometimes, but it is not all the time over every little thing and certainly not on TV. What kind of role model will she be to her children? The girls (are there any?) will think it's okay to let a man talk trash to you and put you down and the boys will grow up thinking that men can treat women like trash. Plus they get to watch reruns of it all they want!

  • Well he's clearly verbally abusive towards his wife, why not add a little physical violence in there as well?

    It's extremely disturbing that they continue to put them on TV.

  • I feel bad that his wife is being treated so badly. Clearly she is the one who is the money-maker in the family as he is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up...grow up, Bryan! You have six toddlers that need you!

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