"Oktoberfest" as authentic as T-Bell

Well that was a flop. We attended Oktoberfest Chicago in Lakeview today expecting to see something German. It was a flood of American beer and the usual boring menu of every other Star Events production: chinese food, elephant ears, you know the drill. Yes, I suppose there was a booth for German food which amounted to brats (you win) and potato pancakes. But was this really an Oktoberfest? I saw a lot of Hofbrau signs and yet not a drop of it in sight.

Up the upside, the $5 donation did get us privy to some kiddie crafts and animal balloons which by the way, were also not German. 
Eh. It was the last street fest of the summer. I'm sure I'll be chompin' at the bit for that fit-for-school-lunch fried rice in a few months. See ya then, Chicago.
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Speaking of authentic, check out this amazing monkey!

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