I puzzled with The Puzzler!

Being a groupie for worthy, brainy D-listers is a great pastime. My buddy Wendi and I got a little press mention back in 2005 when Peter Sagal acknowledged us as NPR's Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me groupies in an interview with the Trib. After all, we did show up for the live tapings every week and winked at him from the front row.

Times, they are not a changing. The hubs and I had the pleasure of brunching and gaming this weekend with Red Eye blog star Sandy Weisz, author of the famous The Puzzler. In true nerd fashion we broke out some German strategy games and ignored the wails of our children as we amassed victory chips. (Also in nerd fashion I must brag that I beat The Puzzler by exactly one point. It must be my lucky streak.)
As to be expected, they were very smart and interesting people. I hope my wonky strawberry muffins didn't scare them off from playing with us again!
Picture 617.png
The Puzzler and his lovely wife plotting to eradicate us.

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  • Ah, you guys and your board games. Love it. :)

  • You and your cursed Wizards!

    It was great fun, and don't kid yourself, those muffins were delicious. Let's do it again soon.

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