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I mentioned my wee lotto win the other day and less than 24 hours later, a trip to Rome landed in my lap. It's really par for the course for me because by all other accounts I'm an average person from some not-cool beginnings who has managed to cultivate a pretty sweet life. I won't bore you with more examples of bizarre, illogical fortune in small and large doses that have come to me, you'll just have to trust that I'm lucky. But how do things always go my way? Hard work? Meh. Natural talent? Not really. 

With those outstanding qualifiers, your chances are just as good as mine. So here's how you can be lucky too!
1. Don't get hung up on winning. If you gamble with goals in mind, you'll walk away a loser. Luck is embracing the unexpected windfall, not chasing down slim odds. I don't usually play the lottery because it freaks me out. Winning feels like a magical power that I'd rather tuck away. If you choose to play, just do it for fun every once in while. 
(Side story! The night we got engaged in Vegas, I played exactly one hand of Blackjack: I was dealt two aces, split the hand, then dealt another ace and split again. Then I got 21 on all three hands! The ultimate irony? I had won the trip in a sales competition.)
2. Happiness begets happiness. Remember the flight attendant who grabbed two beers and slid off the emergency slide to the tarmac to quit his job? It was a big deal because he was on a consumer airline. Me, I've never had jobs with other people's safety at stake which is why my blazes of glory have never made the news. But I've had 'em. I've quit more jobs and broke more hearts in defiant, firm displays of grandeur than I should admit. Why? Because I refuse to be unhappy. Hey, not taking shit has gotten me a loving husband and happy gig. I recommend it.
3. Do good things, but never tell anyone. This is the first time I have ever said this secret outside of my head. It is so fun to do favors for people who will never find out it's you, but the caveat is the second you get the "credit" the magic is erased. Now forget it was me who told you this! (Note, I may delete this item at any time, so burn it into your eyeballs.)
4. Accept compliments. Accept favors. Accept love. When the door is open, good things come in! 
5. Recognize the luck you already have. For years I saw the incident where I was hit by a street train in Amsterdam and walked out alive as nothing short of lucky. Sure, I had a concussion, a brain injury and six months of seizures but I lived. Lucky, right? Someone pointed out to me once that getting hit by a train is not lucky at all. Naysayer. Maybe I win raffles and door prizes and find Janie and Jack pants for $8.99 because I choose to see the glass as half full?
6. Repeat often how lucky you are. Great kids? Brag! Awesome at Checkers? Tell someone! It's okay to be satisfied. A lot of human bonding unfortunately comes from listening to each other complain, and that's great to have an outlet for your woes, but when was the last time you told someone what you're excited about? And how do you receive other people's good news? Misery loves company and misery is not lucky.
7. Luck does not equal happiness. I may have some extra cash in my pocket and vacay on the horizon, but I still have a pregnancy in jeopardy and a host of problems I care not to discuss. No one's life is perfect. Even billionaire tycoon Oprah Winfrey, who was conceived under a tree by two teenagers and went on to rule the world, has her set of troubles. I heard once that if you step on the carpet in her house, your feet literally almost disappear into the plushness. But maybe she has corns? You just don't know about them, just like you don't know the burdens of that lucky devil Kanye West (his success baffles me, I'll admit) and the pretty-faced Megan Fox. Don't assume. 
I can't guarantee it, but maybe these seven things will work for you. Oh, and buy a scratch off here and there.
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  • I'm glad you voiced #3. Nothing bugs me more than people touting their good deeds all over the place. I agree: you should do good and say nothing of it.

    I am very glad you are lucky. I guess I could say the same. I think it is, as you say, how you choose to see the glass. Thanks for the tips! And, OMG have fun in your travels.

  • In reply to jtithof:

    Thanks, Jackie! I'm a little nervous about what to do with Bee. Right now we're planning on taking her but the thought of a toddler on our laps in coach is kinda scary.

  • In reply to jtithof:

    That's why I love hanging with you! Your energy is fun and positive. Loved your tips and will try to remember all of them. I need more positivity in my life! Hey, you know what? You may be more like Oprah than you think. Corn not included.

  • In reply to smackaman:

    You mean I have a giant head and mismatched pants? ZiNG! Kidding, she's a fine lady. I can't believe she and M.S. looked right *at* me at the same time. I could have been levitated off the ground or burst into flames!

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