Is NPR anti-Catholic?

An extreme anti-homosexual bill was introduced in Uganda last fall that seeks lifelong prison sentences for single acts of homosexuality and shorter terms for those who fail to report it. Human rights supporters are afire, western nations have put pressure against the bill and even the Catholic Church has distanced itself from the bill's author, David Bahati.

The story ran today on NPR and has met criticism from some Catholics who claim the story itself is the latest in an ongoing anti-Catholic agenda put forth by the NPR news organization. Highlighting a bill that would be considered hate by western standards in a nation that is 52% Catholic seems, to some, an attack by association.

Extreme anti-homosexual measures are not unique to Uganda in Africa. The death penalty for homosexual activity applies in the Sudan, Somalia and Mauritania - all which are Muslim. And just northeast of the continent in Iraq, a Muslim nation, an ongoing torture/murder campaign is responsible for the gruesome deaths of many gays. These stories are not covered by NPR.

Other examples of NPR's anti-Catholic reporting include mocking the intellect of priests on the gay-oriented interview program Fresh Air, as well as an NPR reporter from Vermont bashing the Catholic priesthood based on celibacy vows.

NPR supporters counter this claim insisting these were isolated incidents in a sea of well-rounded commentary and the Uganda bill is newsworthy in its own right after making an international splash - especially considering Bahati was influenced by an American evangelical organization. 


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  • So then do you consider them then pro-Muslim?!? That can't be the case...

  • No, but they are maybe afraid of being anti-Muslim - or genuinely figure no one is interested.

  • I think the only people who combine religion with their stance on homosexuality are the religious people who are against it. People who are pro-gay aren't necessarily anti-catholic (or whatever), they are just, uh.. humanitarian? Open? Bright? Etc.

    This was def just a news story. The fact that Muslim countries are anti-gay is kind of a no-brainer.

  • In reply to nixhexison:

    But is it so much of a no-brainer to not report on it at all and instead to highlight Uganda? I'm not religious and I am pro-human rights which includes gays. I'm just questioning :)

  • If they are assuming Catholic guilt by association concerning the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as spoken of in Sharlet's article then perhaps Ugandan Catholics should be considered guilty. Guilty of not following their own hierarchy concerning criminalization of homosexuality. The Vatican has stated "that every sign of unjust discrimination towards homosexual persons should be avoided and urges States to do away with criminal penalties against them."

  • In reply to LynnDavid:

    Right on! Hate in religion should be an oxymoron.

  • That content is recycled from the Associated Press therefore not original NPR reporting.

  • I certainly appreciate your perspective.

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