Inside Toyota Park, Sherkago FIRE!

The hubs and I were lucky enough to get a private tour of the VIP lounge, sky boxes and amenities at Toyota Park just before the Chicago Fire vs. New England game Wednesday night and I'll say, they did a great job planning this place. One detail I noticed is the concrete "window" in the stadium that allows for the setting sun to peer into the field just so. Since most games are around sunset, I thought it was a little firey genius gone a long way.

Now on to the food. In the private lounge, season ticket holders and various important persons (*sniff*) have the opportunity to enjoy an upscale buffet and cocktails overlooking the game. Is it pricey? Of course, but hey, we is important people up in here, right? $35 per person gets you access to men in Chefs' hats simmering up various theme menus. Tonight: Seafood. And by the smell of it, they were not joking around on the sea part. The dessert station features fresh, fried on-the-spot ice cream cones! 
Tip on keeping a toddler up past her bed time at a loud public event featuring fireworks: a gallon of popcorn and her own seat.
I just wish this place wasn't so far away. Bridgeview? Yipes. It felt like a journey to Mars.
Picture 510.png
Our spirited tour guide - don't you love sneaky cell pics?

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  • How fun! I love getting the sneak-peak behind the scenes myself. Reminds me of when my mom won the TX Rangers Sonic Slam Inning drawing- neat experience seeing sort-of behind the scenes at the Ballpark live shots on KDFW one morning..

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