Freaky Chicagoland real estate (that I'm obsessed with)

I don't know what it is about me, but I'm attracted to eccentric people and equally crazy homes for sale. About a year ago we thought about moving out of Andersonville to the land of good public schools and spacious bedrooms, also known as the suburbs. It was all a pipe dream in some ways but it sure was fun. After all, how could I leave my friends and my amazing chandelier deck set-up?Suburban thoughts faded over time but, to my surprise, some of the gems I found are still for sale! You mean the world isn't peopled with curiously compassionate buyers like myself? I guess I am a freak.Onto the properties . . .

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  • Boy, that white interior sure is white white.

  • The round house is sort of interesting! It might actually be a nice place if everything inside wasn't round as well.

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