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I had to close the comments section in the article titled Oh Boy! Circumcision vs. The Great Uncut, Aug. 23 because I felt the anti crowd was being too aggressive.

Many people were very firm in that the statistic of "90% of white American males" was way off. I stated my source and pointed out that if you look at all age groups in just America and isolate white people, that is supposedly the correct number.

A figure like 33% will include every male recently born, regardless of race (i.e. there are a lot of old circumcised men bringing the white figure up).

If I'm honest, I think the 33% is a more reliable figure simply because it reflects the whole population of YOUNG boys as opposed to the narrow (white) population of all males. 

I kept my original figure in the article because I wanted there to be a pro argument that made sense. As you can see, it was hard to come up with one.

Facing the fact that circumcision is a useless, brutal institution brings a lot of guilt to mothers of circumcised boys. I closed the comments in my article partly because I don't want the venom of the anti-circumcision passion to sting a second time mother into recoiling from researching her options and I certainly don't want to turn the undecided population off altogether. Mothers, don't feel guilty, the goal is to move forward!

PETA has this problem all the time. Sometimes, the truth hurts too bad to look at. 

But please, if you are the mother of a son, get involved in the decision.



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  • I think if there's anything that I've learned in the last 20 months it's that motherhood is full of tough decisions that can have other people's blood boiling in seconds. Breastfeeding, solid foods, cosleeping, circumcision, etc are controversial issues and something we all certainly face....and make our own minds up on. I know that you'll make the best decision for your family if this baby ends up being a boy...and hey, if it's a won't even have to worry about it!

  • Yeah, Mandie's right. We spend a lot of time judging other people and berating their decision for their children. I know it's a lesson I learned back when our babes were tiny.

    Vocal, radical extremists do their cause a disservice by being so in-your-face and aggressive. Because I do believe that circumcision is unnecessary and I would love to see everyone stop doing it so that there IS no longer the issue of "not fitting in," "not looking like everyone else," etc., I really hope that these people learn to chill out, calm down and STOP ATTACKING. That will never convince anyone.

  • I got some zesty emails on top of it. And I thought I was doing something GOOD! Lol, a good deed never goes unpunished.

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