Pottery class yields creepy baby head - UPDATED!

Last week at pottery class, I was concentrating so hard on a wonky pot I was making that the wheel became unbalanced and the disc came loose. The next thing I know this giant lead pancake was hurled through the air and hit my abdomen. Sucker punch! As you may suspect, that is not cool when you are a pregnant lady. So no more pottery wheel for me.

In lieu of the wheel, I decided to focus on "hand building". That is pottery lingo for sitting on the sidelines sculpting things like creepy baby heads. What? I had set out to make a little doll with a tennis ball head and silly face, but what I came up with was much more realistic. And scary. It looked like an eyeless, fossilized fetus in hell - maybe something that would steal your soul and whisper bad ideas while hanging around your neck from a chain of teeth.
[Image available as soon as Stace Face wakes up and remembers to send it to me from her phone.]
UPDATE: Mwahahahah . . . it sees your thoughts and eats them into an invisible belly of evil.
UPDATE #2: It also kind of looks like my cousin, Kyle.
Picture 286.png

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  • Yikes - I'm not sure I want to see a picture of that! LOL

  • CREEPY! And yet, I kind of like it....

  • In reply to SuzieHomemaker:

    Wait till I give it EyEs.

  • In reply to SuzieHomemaker:

    OMG! Your pregnant! Congratulations! It's been ages since I've done any blogging or blog reading so this is a happy surprise. I'm going to go bust on Carol for not asking me if I knew. Did the lucky hpts work for you? When are you due?

    The head is more interesting than creepy to me. lol

  • AHHH! That is creepy! But also surprisingly good. I'd say you've got some talent, girl!

  • In reply to chibbz:

    For someone whose usual medium is Play Dough, it ain't too shabby, huh?

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