We're going to Hilton Head next week and had to buy a new camera. Notice all my pictures are from my cell phone lately? That's because elegant me dropped our old camera one times too many. Death of a lens, sad!

Anyway, being the big internet nerd that I am, I stalked the new camera I wanted online. We decided on the Cannon S90 because the reviews are great and I'm too in love with my money to get the $700 one I really want. 
I got on Amazon, was ready to check out when a lightbulb went off: SWAGBUCKS! I totally forgot about this Swagbucks thing I signed up for a while ago. Apparently I've been earning cash. When I signed up I was like, "yeah right, this is probably a scam, but I'm bored". Well that scam got me $45 off my purchase today. Forty five! Freaking dollars! For doing nothing!
Basically all you have to do is use their search engine when you look for stuff and they pay you (slowly) in Amazon gift cards. You can redeem your points for merchandise or gift cards at other stores, but I find Amazon to be the biggest bang for the buck. (You can also just get paid in cash.) It's the only point system I've found that you earn based on soemthing besides buying stuff, as is the case with credit cards.
Okay, sorry if this was boring. But if you want to sign up and do what I did, click on this little icon . . .

Search & Win

When the Canon gets here I'll take some pictures and we can decided together how great it is. I'm a point-and-shoot person so don't expect anything too amazing out of me. But I'll try.

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  • What the **ck! I'm signing up right now!

  • I really should have told you about this before - sorry!

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