Wait. I thought I was so amazing!

Once upon a time I lived on Redbull and breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts. Also cigarettes. Then I got wise to nutrition: organics, whole grains etc. and began making my own bread among other things. These days I trek far and wide to get my 100% whole wheat organic flour which I rise using yeast fed with organic honey and Nerd Water. Sure, it's a hassle, but I'm amazing. Right? All that work but we get wholesome bread. Ah, clean living.

Why is it that every time I dive deep into an obsession about The. Perfect. Thing. I get derailed by some new astonishing fact? Example: bread. Apparently yeast bread is terrible for you. Yes. Yeast is actually anti-digestion. It's the modern, lazy man's way of making bread that replaced natural leven in the 1600's. Before that man was wise and did not mess with suspicious, newfangled "yeast". It was next to poison. Great.
The (expensive) flour I use to bake my bread is crap as well. Okay, it's not total crap but it contains evils called phytates. That is, unless you soak the flour 12-24 hours in advance with an acid such as buttermilk. Exhale. Somynewbreadmakingprocessissoak-mix-knead-wait-punch-wait-bake-eat.
This better be some damn good bread or I'm just ordering Domino's*.
These homemade biscuits are as good for you as a six-pack of beer, 
so you may as well just have that for brunch. I said it's okay.
*No I'm not
PS, To obsess about this topic check out The Nourishing Gourmet. Then feel like crap about yourself.
PSPSPSP - Shout out to my pal Chelsea Bells for pointing to this grain-sprouting genius!

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  • So are you still going to make bread? Did you find a better, easier alternative?

  • Yes! That's my next post. Soaking the flour overnight with vinegar is supposed to help, so I'm in that process right now. I'll update as soon as it comes out of the oven later (with step-by-step instructions :)

  • If it's not so healthy, you can think of it as a snack or treat??

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