Don't Google "Licking Monster"

George's Treats and Sweets was host to a vivid story hour today with the gifted Tracey Ellert. Several dozen kids were captivated by her expressive face and nifty props including the infamous "Licking Monster".

Licking Monster? Why yes, he's an adorable puppet but he has a wandering tongue that you should NOT type into a search engine. (Or you should, just not during craft time.) Back to Miss Tracey. She has a great voice that entrances these kids for a full hour. She also has a baby giraffe, a schmutzy toothbrush, cool glasses and a diaper hat in her magic bag of tricks. She's a must see!
Picture 57.png
Picture 58.png

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  • Miss Tracey was very good. She kept all the kiddo's attention and mine too!

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