Cheap mama

A day at the Children's Museum at Navy Pier, lunch, transportation and booze. Guess what I paid? $14.50.

We're big library nerds, so of course we checked out the free pass which was good for four people to get into the Chicago Children's Museum. Boom, that saved my friend Stace Face and me a cool $40 right there. We packed our lunch (me: peanut butter sandwich on homemade bread, my baby: exactly three goldfish crackers and a tantrum). 
We took the El and would have gotten out of the whole shebang for the price of a transfer had it not been for those damn martinis at Harry Carreys. Well! The kids were kind of sleeping in their strollers (no they weren't) and the hooch was calling our names. We deserved a break! So we splurged on some dranks.
What. Like you don't drink during nap time. 
navy pier 4.23.png
Yay, fun stuff around every corner!
Picture 5.png
See? She's totally chilling under the bar table like, "boy, the museum was so fun".

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  • Great deal. Love your cheapness; I'm right there with you. Can also relate to the drinking thing. My husband used to ask me often why I didn't sit down and have a drink around 5:00 or so. My reply was that I was afraid I'd never stop. :)

  • In reply to jtithof:

    Lol, a bar tab stopped me!

  • Hey Little B's 1st bar stool pic!!!

  • You so rock the frugal world! I trust you'll be our frugal expert in HH? Perhaps we can go get martinis with the babes one evening?

    Love the bar pic!

  • In reply to chibbz:

    But of course! Let's party!! Two more weeks till the BEACHO!!!

  • Whoohoo! What a fun day that was! Looking forward to a action packed summer filled with crazy adventures with the kiddos. Thanks for being my partner in crime!

  • Thanks, dear!

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