Who Hates Dex?

God. Could they have picked a worse guy? Though I've been watching these commercials for well over a year, it took me until today to actually click to see if Dex knows or not. Sadly, he kinda does.

I get it - he's a super annoying guy personifying the phone book. If you're old enough to know what a phone book is, that makes sense. I guess. But why the gurgled voice and the slightly offensive cross-cross-applesauce seating style? Why the nerdy business casual wardrobe? Hey, Zorro is old and he stood on his feet and wore black. 
He doesn't even look like a "Dex". He looks like your first boss, Steve, at the telemarketing place that disappeared overnight after reports he was touching boys. 
The actor's real name is Brian Stepanek, and he has also appeared on The Suite Life Of Zac & Cody, Transformers and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. I'm sure he's not a bad guy. Looks like he might be a decent Scrabble opponent.
But Dex needs an intervention. If I were hired to reinvent the character, I'd pick Fabio. Cut his hair, button up those flowing tops and voile! Way better.
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  • I'm with ya on this one - I can't stand those ads! A friend of mine downloaded the Dex app on his iphone and loves it - but I just can't bring myself to do it because of those stupid ads!

  • Yick! I'd throw my phone in the ole torLet.

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