Turquoise? Everywhere? Crap. (UPDATED!)

My turquoise mood started around November. One of my old necklaces broke and I repurposed its turquoise beads as berries in a wreath otherwise made of pine cones and hot glue. (We crafty over here.) I have since really caught the bug for the color, indulging impulse buys for turquoise art, jewelry and fashion. 

Most recently I acted on an urge to paint the surface of my solid wood dining room table. We bought the art deco piece at an antique store up the street. Beautiful, yes, but as they used to say back in Indiana, we're "eatin' people" and so our dining area has suffered a few slings and arrows. Like burn marks. Solution? Paint!
As the first coat of polyurethane top coat dried, I looked around my house and kicked my feet up. Finally. My turquoise mood had been sated. The hubs and I popped open a coupla cold beverages and I flipped through the Spring issue of the Chicago Tribune Magazine that had just been dropped on the doorstep. To my horror, page eight: 2010 is the year of turquoise.
You know, I've had this problem before. When I had the first slap bracelet in third grade I was teased at first, followed by envy and then later consumed by my own regret. As it turns out, slap bracelets became all the rage in 1988 and I had been branded. Jenna, The Girl With The Slap Bracelet. There is still a segment of my Facebook friends whose scant memories of me surely include the horrific trend. 
I also had a blog in 2003 and saw Napoleon Dynamite on opening night. This does not make me a trendsetter, it just proves I have forked stick for dork culture. Do not follow me. Today's turquoise is bound to be tomorrow's combat-boots-with-a-granny-dress.

Picture 101.png
My soon to be passe table. 
I decided to put some gold drips on one edge of the table! Moody, right?
Picture 106.png

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  • Yeah - I gotta say, I'm going turquoise, although maybe a little more blue than green, in my living room...with brown! The rage! Everyone's doing it! LOL Everything in my house is neutral or brown, so I wanted to punch it up a bit with some blue, lime and tangerine. So we'll see how it goes. No one comes over anyway, so I could do green shag and it wouldn't matter :)

  • In reply to mpurkis:

    Ha! Well at least you live in peace! BTW, green shag actually sounds posh.

  • In reply to mpurkis:

    So, I'm actually loving the turquoise thing too. My in-laws gave us a set of turquoise Martha Stewart towels and a turquoise Martha Stewart strainer for our anniversary. It's really brightened up our gray and white kitchen. Oddly enough we also purchased bedding a while ago that is a LOUD turquoise and kelly green. I'm also loving the green. Anyway, I've seen your house and I'm loving the turquoise punch! May I suggest a few more punches in your kitchen? For example on the windows sill where all your cool white vases are placed. Maybe add a turquoise one or two? BTW, your kitchen ROCKS! I may have told you that already.

  • In reply to smackaman:

    Lol @ "Smack"! Awesome. Your kitchen is really airy, maybe it is the turquoise in there. Whatever you're doing, it's working! I should give you some credit in this post because if you hadn't pointed out how much my house seems like old people live there, I totally wouldn't have bought those paintings over the TV and probably wouldn't have done the shelf.

    DEAR WORLD: Stace Face aka Smack deserves a nod for her contributions!

    See ya at the play ground tomorrow ;)

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