Sweet Talking Will Get You Anywhere

And by "anywhere" I mean good nachos and on the court during a Bulls game.

The hubs and scored some last-minute tickets to see Miami behead our lovable b-ballers Thursday night. My favorite thing to do at games (besides text the babysitter) is to people watch. One such person I recognized immediately was Comcast SportsNet anchor Sarah Kustok. She was kind of lonely looking and my guys had all gone in search of beer, so I snuck down to see her.
My first obstacle was security. Naturally. So I said Sarah was a friend of mine and I wanted to say hello. After all, she is in my living room every night, right? The sweet little security officer asked me if she would get in trouble letting me down to the court. "No," I said, "I won't let you get into trouble". And away I went.
Sarah was a nice girl. I congratulated her on her accomplishment of moving up in the ranks to full-time anchor. She said it was fun, and then we moved on to a chat about Facebook. 
Suddenly the whistle blew and realized my nachos were getting cold. The only thing I know how to say in Spanish is "muy caliente" and it seemed to be the password to getting a full pound of jalepinos. It was a good night.
Unless you were the Bulls.
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Sports anchor Sarah Kustok

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