Odd Trend Alert: Fake Disposables

This whole economic meltdown has spurned some interesting turns of events: a baby boom, an increase in the value of McDonald's stock and now  . . . durable kitchenware that looks disposable?

I thought paper plates were the low-rent version of dishes. They were what I had in my cabinets in college anyway. There's always the option of upping the fancy factor by using Chinet's high-end line, but for most occasions the good ole 1-ply plates are all you need for a picnic. So what's the deal with real dishes that look disposable? 
Now available for purchase on Girlz Life are a set of four dishwasher safe, durable dinner plates with the design of "classic" paper plates. 
Also new to the market are porcelain coffee mugs designed to pass as disposables. Eco-Cup makes a sturdy to-go mug with the irresistible design of the throw-away version. What kitch! 
Have we reached the point that we feel so bad about having money that we pose like we can't afford dishes? Or are we really so broke that we can actually no longer afford disposables? Perhaps the panache of a costly morning Starbucks run is so pinnacle to self-image that belt-tighteners feel the need to have something disposable-looking in their hand (something secretly reusable and full of Folger's).
One can only guess the next direction this trend will take. Paper plates that look like real plates trying to be paper plates? BRAIN EXPLODING!
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  • Haha - I haven't seen the plates! I've seen those odd trying-to-look-like-disposable cups and I have to confess myself intrigued enough that I almost bought one! It's a status thing maybe. It's not cool to show up at the office with my travel mug; it's ultra-chic to have a cup from somewhere that looks like I dumped $5 on my coffee instead of the $.50/cup it costs to make it at home. Gotta give props to my dad: he still carries his coffee to work in this giant thermos that my grampa used to haul around on his tractor on the farm. :)

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