Mii Off

If you're not versed in Nerd Talk, a "mii" is an avatar created in your likeness on the Nintendo Wii system. Creating a mii for yourself is a true art and a much richer experience than playing Wii Bowling, which I have done exactly once. Because video games are boring.

My mom sent me an email the other day containing miis she made for Niko and me. They were lame! They looked nothing like us! One looked like Joan Cusack and the other looked like Michael Jackson. So I stepped up to the challenge and created miis that absorb the texture and nuance of our motley souls. I did a pretty veteran job if I do say so myself. Trick: I used big red woman lips on Niko. FACED, mom!
mom's miis.png
The miis mom made
my miis.png
The miis I made

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  • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha....I think you should make a mii of your mom.

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