I'm Totally Soulmates With The Guy At Dominick's

If your name is Niko and we got hitched in that church a few years ago, please stop reading.

I was a little down on Dominick's for their Kohl's Cash ruse. Apparently "fluid dairy products" was among the many, many items not qualifying for that deal I posted about, so of the $268 I spent, only $108 of it went towards free stuff at Kohl's. But whatever. That was last week. This week my new soul mate was working the register.
Was he 60 years old? Yes. Did he have teeth? Not many. But when he cooed over my daughter and asked her name, he mentioned Mick Jagger. Yes, Mick Jagger's wife was named Bianca as well and I have to admit, this had a wee influence over my child-naming practices. 
Bianca Jagger was a rock star's wife and socialite, of course, but she was also a philanthropist and earned two honorary PhDs for her humanitarian efforts, the second of which was bestowed the year my Bianca was born. She was the founder of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation and has worked for the rights of oppressed people for nearly 30 years.
Back to my Dominick's guy. So he's ringing up my "fluid dairy products" when he mentions (for some reason) his dog is named Jim Morrison, because that is his idol. GET OUT. I love Jim Morrison! This is a very scarcely known fact about me, but the path to my Philosophy minor in college was steered by ideas I initially got from Jim Morrison. I was spurred to learn more about Nietszche, Arthur Rimbaud, Huxley. I left flowers on his grave at Pere-Lachaise cemetary in Paris as a thank-you.  Apparently the Dominick's guy saw him live four times. Rad!
My total bill came to $98-something and my soul mate goes, "You don't want to pay retail, do you? Swipe your Dominick's card!" Boom. $81.77. 
I love you Dominick's guy!
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