As we were balancing to-go decafs and pushing our side-by-side toddlers into an aggressive city wind the other day, my friend yelled in my direction that she doesn't read my blog. "I'm sorry, I just do don't anything besides email." Her eyes were genuine. 

"Don't worry about it," my eyes were not, "It's just a recap of real life and you're already here!" Lies. "It's okay, it's boring anyway!" It's not okay. (It might be boring anyway.)
Everyone has a blog. I followed 43 of them on and make more rounds with bookmarks. I've had no less that eleven blogs in my lifetime. Yes, I'm a stay-at-home type who reads the actual Sunday paper and whose idea of a party is Speed Scrabble, so maybe I have more time and inclination than most folks but a FRIEND? Not read my blog? Dagger in the heart. 
After that conversation, I got to thinking about it. Are friends obligated to read each others blogs? Maybe not religiously, but the occasional click? Actually, no. Here's why.
In order to read a blog, it requires buying into the social media phenomenon. This particular friend of mine doesn't do Facebook either. I would never expect her to know my "status", so why should she read my blog? Would I get mad at my 80-year-old grandma for not having email? No and no.
In fact, the rules of friendship dictate that you not add yet another time-consuming activity into another mom's day. Thou shalt not be so needy for attention that your friends must spend an hour getting the latest updates on you before a play date. Besides, what would you have to talk about?
So you're off the hook everyone. You can make it up to me by being my Facebook fan. Just kidding. Sort of.
"Oh, I'd better memorize the boring ass details of what my granddaughter had for lunch."
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  • Yah, so I'm "that" friend. Actually I just started reading your blog recently a bit at a time. This is honestly the ONLY blog I have ever read. the reason I'm digging it is simply it's hilarious and entertaining. I usually only read my emails and search for information on the web. I never use it for entertainment until now. This blog ROCKS and I'm not just saying that because you're my friend. BTW, I am SOOOO sorry my not reading your blog felt like a "dagger to you heart". I obviously am not a blogger and don't "get it". I should have realized this blog is like your art. It's your form of self expression. If I was a painter I would want you to see my paintings. I should have known better.

  • Ha, no worries! I'm actually flattered you're here and leaving a comment. Next topic: is blogging an art? Hm. Maybe like macaroni art or elephant dung art.

  • Does it make you feel better to know that that same friend up there sent me, another friend of hers, to your blog?! Enjoying it so far... :)

  • In reply to mandyw526:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • In reply to mandyw526:

    Speed Scrabble! Makes for a fine party IMO :) You might also like online Speed Scrabble.

    I agree that Friends and family shouldn't feel obliged to read your blog. It's quite a commitment to keep up with a lot of blogs. Though I discovered recently that my parents don't read my blog, made me a little sad.

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