I am a foodie. I have always loved trying and cooking new food. I grew up being introduced to all kinds of food, always being encouraged to try everything once.

My husband, however, has a different outlook. He loves to eat, but is hesitant to try anything outside his comfort zone. My mission is to convert him into a full blown foodie. As newlyweds with demanding full- time jobs this can be difficult, but it is a challenge we both enjoy.

The hesitant foodie is a place in which I will chronicle my successes, my failures, my frustrations, and my excitement while cooking for my favorite picky eater and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I will provide recipes that will challenge the hesitant foodie as well as excite fellow adventurous foodies. I would also love to hear from others who enjoy food as much as I do.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at ctubbs10@gmail.com and follow The Hesitant Foodie as I continue on this journey.