Death's Allure: When Life Becomes the Enemy

Kate Spade was found dead in her apartment of an apparent suicide. I think that we all ask ourselves how someone who appeared to have it all and to have it all together could take her own life. I don't know what she struggled with, but I know that we all struggle and our pain, whether physical or mental, at certain times we are seduced by the idea of death. The idea of eternal silence, and the desire to not participate in this wretched world can be so alluring.

And I completely understand these feelings: hopelessness, the belief that your children will be better off without you, and the luxury of no longer having to deal with this world, which is just plain rotten and ugly these days. Trust me. I'm a black woman in America.

My question for myself, my family, for you is what are we doing to make this world more tolerable. What is the purpose of facebook fights and rants and heinous agendas by anti-gay gay pastors (not a typo), and Planned Parenthood trolls found knocking on the back door of the abortion clinic with their pregnant teenage daughters. What is the meaning to all of this?

I think it has to do with deception and lies propagated by facebook, instagram and other social media outlets. I'm guilty of it; you get to see the highlight reels and not the sad and challenging times. I believe that we need to turn the lens in on ourselves, and ask what we are doing to make this world a happier, more tolerable place to be. What can we do to resurrect the idea that we are all human beings, worthy of unconditional love and acknowledgment that we exist, and we all have some sort of vice, pain, or deeply held beliefs from days of childhood uttered by a drunk parent or any other type of child abuser. We all have SHIT.

This isn't about whose shits smells the worst. This is about looking inward and seeing what changes we can make to ourselves to make this world a better place to be.  This is also about the idea of releasing our secrets into the universe, horrid terrible secrets, letting them out and watch them evaporate into nothingness, and releasing ourselves from our guilt, self loathing, and negative views of ourselves. For we cannot treat others as humans until we recognize that we are human as well. We are all broken, but we must lift each other up whether with a phone call or a prayer, a handwritten note or an email or phone call to a friend we haven't heard from in a while.  It's about saying, "How are you?" and meaning it.  Please tell me in the comments below how you are doing. Please use this space below to anonymously release your pain into the universe. Carry your burden no more. I hear you. I see you. You are not alone.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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