Birthdays, Savages and other Miscellany

Ah, 44, you have arrived. Not with sounds of celebrations, but of little children running around, being told to brush their teeth (while they wonder how we know they are not brushing their teeth, and we can plainly hear then talking to each other, so we know that they are in fact, not brushing their teeth).  Violet wants to know how I can see through my afro with the eyes in the back of my head.  Discussions about adding to our brood have moved to from "Are you insane?" to "Let's re-visit in 6 months." Progress.

What prompted this was that I had just finished reading about Henry Morton Stanley on the Terrible People in History page, and learned about his man slave, then son, N'Dugu (renamed Kalulu by Stanley). It was a sad story from the Africans' point of view, but most stories of colonization are not pretty, and colonization requires a certain type of savagery on both sides. One type of savagery to conquer; the other type for self and cultural preservation.

Ah, such happy thoughts on the anniversary of the day of my birth!  But Happy Birthday to me, and thank you to all of you who have sent or will send birthday wishes.

I haven't blogged for a while, but as an update, the chickens are doing well, and we are not spending zero.  We just discovered at 4am a few weeks ago that my beautiful splash Ameraucana was in fact a rooster (and sounds like one too).  I imagine that he's been holding those crows in and then finally he couldn't take it anymore, in a "La Cage aux Folles" style, he broke in to song (actually crows) at 4am revealing his true and radiant identity.  Our neighbor asked us what time we were having him for dinner, but he was safely rehomed and got into his first fight almost immediately and squashing any doubt that he was a she.

We also have a lovely chinchilla by the name of Shadow.  I keep forgetting to close the cage, so I spent a good half hour chasing Shadow around the house yesterday.  The cat was out, but seemed indifferent to his presence. Actually, General Meow had more of a look like "how on earth am I going to get that in my mouth?"  She did take a nibble out of Shadow's ear (we think), but she may not have liked how he tasted.

Tucker has been spending his days at doggy daycare since he started to unrelentingly bark at me for no reason for a minimum of 45 minutes most times. It drove me crazy, and I was getting nothing accomplished.  He seems to like the daycare, and he doesn't bark at me anymore.

I hope y'all have a lovely day, and I am hoping that I will find it in me to blog more often. I'm off to celebrate my day, and I think you should, too!




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