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On Making a Home or “Black Babies Cost Less to Adopt”

A huge part of my homesteading is dictated by my children. They are the reason I make a home, and why I do things like jamming, jarring and gardening. Aside from teaching them patience, compassion, creativity, and sustainability, I am also teaching them how to make a home for their children if/when they become parents.... Read more »

The Impending Zombie Apocalypse or Why I Garden

We all are motivated by certain things; it can be money, family or fortune. When it comes to summer gardening, I am motivated by one thing: fear. I have a sneaking suspicion that I have grown lazy, complacent, and too dependent on others. Seriously, what if SHIT GOES DOWN? When I was living in California, with... Read more »

Friend or Food: On Eating a Feral Hog

Friend or Food: On Eating a Feral Hog
We moved up to the Chicago area from rural Louisiana almost two years ago. Louisiana is home to many amazing and strange customs and is a place that has always eaten seasonally and lived farm to table. One such custom is to hunt your food in order to stock your deep freezer. One day, while... Read more »